How to Revise Your Writing: Self-Editing Checklist Template!

Writing is hard, and often editing feels even harder! Luckily, there are tools and strategies that can make it much, much easier.

One of my favourite revising strategies is the self-editing checklist (read more about that here!), and I’ve created an awesome checklist template to help you get started with creating your own customized list.

Download the Self-Editing Checklist Template here!

To make this template your own, think about which elements of your writing you’d like to change or improve. Make sure they appear on the list, or add them if they aren’t already there.

Keep track of your common misspellings, grammar mistakes, and other writing quirks right here on the checklist. Having the list handy while you write will help, too.

Each time you write, use your custom list to help structure and streamline your revising process. That’s it! Happy editing :)

Now that you have a place to start and a process to follow, editing will be even easier.

I’d love to hear about the elements you have on your list - comment below and tell me what you’ve added to your checklist to make it unique!

Sarah V.Comment